It has been a flurry of holiday baking here at the farm in preparation for Christmas boxes of baked goods to be sent out (ETA: mailing tomorrow–sorry :( They’ll get there for New Years!) First we made sugar cookies and decorated them with my new Kuhn Rikon cupcake and cookie decorating kit. Last time I was at T. J. Maxx I picked this up for about seven bucks and it works great! It was family decorating time; J helped. Check out our creations:


We have a lot of dinosaur cookie cutters...

I especially like J’s “blackened catfish” there (with black icing and pink sprinkles) and you can see my traditional Christmas tree with red and green sprinkles.

Another set:

More cookies

every Christmas needs a black cat cookie, right?

My favorite on here is my pink squirrel in the top right hand corner and J’s psychedelic blue Christmas tree with pink trunk and pink sugar crystals.

Along with ten million other kinds of candy and cookies, these guys will be heading off to their final destinations (stomachs!) soon. Enjoy :)

In the meantime, since the kitchen was already a mess, why not make a rainbow cake? This was one of my tasks on my most recent 101 Things in 1,001 Days list and so I am now able to cross that one off my list (and probably never do it again unless I have to …) While interesting in concept and tasty in execution, it made a massive cake with far too many dirty pans. Not only that, but most people’s versions online look beautiful while mine could only be dubbed “patheticake.” Look at it–it’s so huge, it’s sliding off the plate practically. It took three batches of frosting to cover!


OMG this cake will eat your fambly

Here’s the one from the recipe I was following (image from

Um, yeah. Then you cut into mine:

OOOOOH rainbow explosion

I must say that the cake itself was very tasty. It did make a gigantic cake (as you can see!) and so J and I each had a piece for dessert last night, then I promptly made him take it to work so his co-workers could share in the love. The cake plate came home empty, so …

Anyway, I can now cross off task #43, “make a rainbow cake,” from my 101 Things list. I am 16% complete and I have 630 days left. I think I need to do a slightly simpler task next to take a load off.

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